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Updated: Apr 30, 2020



Alfalfa(Medicago sativa)also called Lucerne, is naturally high in many essential vitamins and minerals, including A, D, E, K, and even the full family of B vitamins; biotin, calcium, folic acid, iron, magnesium, potassium and many others, as well as being very high in protein, especially when dried.

Angelica Root

Angelica is used for heartburn, intestinal gas (flatulence), loss of appetite (anorexia), arthritis, circulation problems, "runny nose" (respiratory catarrh), nervousness, plague, and trouble sleeping (insomnia)

Apple (dried)

The health benefits of apple tea include prevention of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, heart, abdominal and liver diseases, gallstones, constipation, anemia and diabetes. Also lower risk of rheumatism, eye disorders, various cancers and gout.

Apple tea helps reduce malaise, relax in dysentery, and helps promote digestion. In addition to all of them, also help in dental care and skin care



Bladderwrack is a form of kelp that has been used medicinally for centuries. The main use of the herb has been for the stimulation of the thyroid gland as a treatment for obesity and cellulite. The high iodine content of the herb stimulates thyroid function which boosts metabolism

Blessed Thistle

Used for loss of appetite and indigestion; and to treat colds, cough, fever, bacterial infections, and diarrhea. It is also used as a diuretic for increasing urine output, and for promoting the flow of breast milk in new mothers.

Blue Vervain

Used by herbalists for millennia to combat depression and mood swings, Vervain is a deeply penetrating nervine that soothes and sedates the nervous system. It is a relaxing and uplifting herb that can stimulate the release of the neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin, enhancing mood and well being.

Burdock Root

The burdock is also known by many other names, most having to do with the characteristics of the seeds or traditional herbal uses; beggar's buttons, love leaves, clot-bur. Herbalists and others have long known that burdock is often used as a dietary aid to help cure different ailments such as sore throats, colds, blood purifiers, to combat hair loss and dandruff, to name a few. It also increases the flow of urine and is used as a tonic in mild doses and will increase sweating to remove toxins from the body.

Traditionally, the use of burdock as a medicine in China included the treatment of skin disorders, cleansing of the blood, as an effective treatment of impotence and barrenness in women. The use of the burdock root in Russia and India has also included treatment of certain types of cancer. The burdock is also a plant used in the treatment of burns, as it reduces pain and promotes healing.


Calendula Flower

Calendula tea is commonly used to help remedy peptic ulcers, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). It supports the healing of gastric and intestinal inflammation from infection or irritation through its vulnerary (wound healing), anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial actions


Catnip tea's biggest health benefit is the calming effect that it can have on the body. Catnip contains nepetalactone, which is similar to the valepotriates found in a commonly used herbal sedative, valerian. This can improve relaxation , which may boost mood and reduce anxiety, restlessness, and nervousness

Ceylon Cinnamon

Ceylon cinnamon contains anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial effects. These properties mean Ceylon cinnamon supports your immune health. Ceylon cinnamon was part of a study that showed it enhanced antioxidant enzyme activity. This means it may prevent or treat certain types of cancer

Cinnamon Chips

It has been proven to dramatically reduce diabetes by decreasing blood glucose levels up to 29%. When taken on a daily basis, it significantly lowers cholesterol because of its ability to act as an anti-clotting agent in the blood. Aids in the digestive system


Coconut tea is good for shedding weight by reducing the appetite, speeding up the metabolism, and inhibiting the activities of fat-building enzymes

Comfrey Leaf

Comfrey is used as a tea for upset stomach, ulcers, heavy menstrual periods, diarrhea, bloody urine, persistent cough, painful breathing (pleuritis), bronchitis, cancer, and chest pain (angina). It is also used as a gargle for gum disease and sore throat.

Crystallized Ginger

Can Calm asthma symptoms with crystallized ginger, Relieve indigestion, can boost efforts to quit smoking, its almost as effective as ibuprofen in relieving inflammatory pain, at a much lower cost

Cumin Seed

Cumin seeds are well-known because of their therapeutic uses. In reality, there were utilized in the traditional period to deal with an array of diseases. While the traditional herb is not used up to in the early days, still it provides a variety of health advantages.

Healthy digestion, Treats cold and flu, Boosts immune function, Combats fatigue and tiredness.

Health advantages of cumin tea

People who’ve the problems with phlegm within the throat or perhaps in the lungs ought to consume this particular tea many times a day since, it’s a excellent expectorant.

Respiratory system problems or even disorders could be successfully cured with cumin tea because it has got antiseptic qualities. Therefore, it is strongly advised to consume this tea when struggling with the common cold, sinusitis, pneumonia or bronchitis.

Cumin seeds are abundant with iron and for that reason, it is traditionally used for the treatment of iron deficiency anemia.

Colic is really a powerful abdominal pain characteristic for the infants so when looking at cumin tea, it is belief that it may decrease this pain significantly.

Furthermore, it is proven that this tea has got anti-carcinogenic qualities, and that’s why it is utilized for protection against different cancers.

Fatigue, tiredness, insomnia and many order sleeping problems could be successfully cured with cumin tea.

Many problems associated with the digestive tract just like flatulence, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, in addition to indigestion and morning sickness, could be relieved by consuming this tea.

Moreover, cumin tea is also appropriate for dealing with urinary tract infection and sore throat, additionally it is utilized as a kidney and bladder cleanser.

In addition to all these health benefits of cumin tea, additionally it is belief that it elevates the body temperature therefore speeding up the metabolism. The good sides of fast metabolism are good digestion as well as weight loss.

Cumin tea ought to be contained in the everyday diet because it also enhances the immune system, therefore making it stronger.

Furthermore, you can use it like a mouth refresher. It is suggested not just to rinse the mouth many times a day with this particular tea, but additionally to consume roasted cumin seeds for this function.




Damiana is used to treat headache, bedwetting, depression, nervous stomach, and constipation; for prevention and treatment of sexual problems; boosting and maintaining mental and physical stamina; and as an aphrodisiac.

Increases Sexual Vitality

Increases Energy

Has Anti-Anxiety and Anti-Depressant Properties

Has Anti-Cancer Effects

Has Antioxidant Properties

Has Anti-Microbial Properties

Protects The Gut

Protects The Kidneys And Live

Protects Against Diabetes

Helps With Obesity

Helps The Muscular System



Echinacea purpurea (Purple Coneflower )should be of particular interest during the cold and flu season when you are exposed to these illnesses on a regular basis. When used correctly it is the closest thing to a cure for the common cold.

  • ​It fights the flu

  • It helps control blood sugar

  • Aids healthy cell growth

  • Potentially reduces risk of breast cancer

  • Helps manage anxiety

  • Lowers blood pressure

  • Reduces inflammation


The berries and flowers of elderberry are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that may boost your immune system. They can help tame inflammation, lessen stress, and help protect your heart

  • ​Immune System. Elderberries are particularly rich in flavonoids, especially anthocyanins which are responsible for their deep purple (almost black) colouring

  • Colds/Flu

  • Cystitis/Urinary Tract/Bladder Infections

  • Allergy Relief

  • Digestive Health

Elder Flower

Elderflower is used for swollen sinuses (sinusitis), colds, influenza (flu), swine flu, bronchitis, diabetes, and constipation. It is also used to increase urine production (as a diuretic), to increase sweating (as a diaphoretic), and to stop bleeding

  • Vitamin C

  • Powerful Antioxidants

  • Fights Flu

  • Helps Reducing Cholesterol

  • Diuretic

  • Gargle and mouthwash

  • Anti-inflammatory

Eucalyptus Leaf

Eucalyptus leaves have many impressive benefits. They may help decrease pain, promote relaxation, and relieve cold symptoms. Many over-the-counter products also use eucalyptus extract to freshen your breath, soothe irritated skin, and repel insects.

  • Arthritis - potentially due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

  • A blocked nose.

  • Wounds and burns.

  • Ulcers.

  • Cold sores - perhaps due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Bladder diseases.

  • Diabetes - eucalyptus might help lower blood sugar.

  • Fever


Eyebright is taken by mouth for swelling (inflammation) of the nasal cavity and sinuses (rhinosinusitis), allergies, hay fever, anti-inflammatory action, soothing tired and inflamed eyes, whilst tannins act as astringents to help dry up secretions and relieve inflammation of the mucous membranes. This is especially helpful when dealing with conjunctivitis or blepharitis (inflammation of the eyelids).




German Chamomile

German Chamomile has been used for centuries in teas as a mild, relaxing sleep aid, treatment for fevers, colds, stomach ailments, and as an anti-inflammatory, to name only a few therapeutic uses. Chamomile may be used internally or externally.

  • ​Reducing menstrual pain

  • Treating diabetes and lowering blood sugar

  • Slowing or preventing osteoporosis

  • Reducing inflammation

  • Cancer treatment and prevention

  • Helping with sleep and relaxation

  • Treating cold symptoms

  • Treatment for mild skin conditions

  • Depression and Anxiety

  • Digestive System

  • Headaches

  • Motion sickness

  • Muscle Aide

  • Respiratory System

  • Skin Care


Ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory herb and there has been much recent interest in its use for joint problems. It has also been indicated for arthritis, fevers, headaches, toothaches, coughs, bronchitis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, to ease tendonitis, lower cholesterol and blood-pressure and aid in preventing internal blood clots.

  • ​Treat Many Forms of Nausea, Especially Morning Sickness

  • Contains Gingerol, a Substance With Powerful Medicinal Properties

  • Reduce Muscle Pain and Soreness

  • Anti-Inflammatory Effects Can Help With Osteoarthritis

  • May Drastically Lower Blood Sugars and Improve Heart Disease Risk Factors

  • Can Help Treat Chronic Indigestion

  • May Significantly Reduce Menstrual Pain

  • Lower Cholesterol Levels

  • Help Prevent Cancer

  • Improve Brain Function and Protect Against Alzheimer's Disease

  • Active Ingredient in Ginger Can Help Fight Infections

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo leaf has been used to treat a variety of conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, fatigue, and tinnitus. It is also used to improve memory and to prevent dementia and other brain disorders. It is said to be effective in improving the blood flow to the hands and the feet as well as stimulating the brain and reducing short-term memory loss. It increases blood flow to the brain, the uptake of glucose by brain cells, and has been said to improve the transmission of nerve signals.

  • ​Contains Powerful Antioxidants

  • Can Help Fight Inflammation

  • Improves Circulation and Heart Health

  • Reduces Symptoms of Psychiatric Disorders and Dementia

  • Improves Brain Function and Well-Being

  • Can Reduce Anxiety

  • Can Treat Depression

  • Can Support Vision and Eye Health

Goji Berry

Goji berries contain vitamin C,as well as vitamin B2, vitamin A, iron and selenium. Goji Berry is good for promoting proper cell growth and the antioxidants found within it are very powerful in disease prevention. Goji can help lower glucose levels in individuals and also lower cholesterol in some people.

  • ​Protects the eyes

  • Provides immune system support

  • Protects against cancer

  • Promotes healthy skin

  • Stabilizes blood sugar

  • Improves depression, anxiety, and sleep

  • Prevents liver damage

Green Cardamom

Ginkgo leaf extract has been used to treat a variety of conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, fatigue, and tinnitus. It is also used to improve memory and to prevent dementia and other brain disorders. It is said to be effective in improving the blood flow to the hands and the feet as well as stimulating the brain and reducing short-term memory loss. It increases blood flow to the brain, the uptake of glucose by brain cells, and has been said to improve the transmission of nerve signals.

  • ​Antioxidant and Diuretic Properties May Lower Blood Pressure. ...

  • Contain Cancer-Fighting Compounds

  • Protect from Chronic Diseases Thanks to Anti-Inflammatory Effects. ...

  • Help with Digestive Problems, Including Ulcers.

  • Treat Bad Breath and Prevent Cavities

  • Antibacterial Effects and Treat Infections

  • Improve Breathing and Oxygen Use

  • Lower Blood Sugar Levels

  • Liver protection

  • Anxiety

  • Weight loss

Green Tea

Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages on the planet. It is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body. These include improved brain function, fat loss, a lower risk of cancer and many other impressive benefits. green tea contains significant amounts of water-soluble vitamins and minerals, particularly zinc, manganese, potassium, niacin, folic acid and vitamin C.

  • ​supports brain health

  • support weight management

  • protects against cancer

  • supports immunity

  • supports bone density

  • helps balance blood sugar and prevent diabetes

  • supports heart health

  • protects skin from aging

  • supports longevity



Hawthorn Berry

Hawthorn strengthens the heart muscle, increases exercise tolerance, and supports a normal heart rhythm. Hawthorn has been traditionally used for the emotional heart as well as the physical heart, as a protector of emotional boundaries and support during loss and transition.

  • ​Loaded with antioxidants

  • May have anti-inflammatory properties

  • May lower blood pressure

  • May decrease blood fats

  • Used to aid digestion

  • Helps prevent hair loss

  • May reduce anxiety

  • Used to treat heart failure

  • Help combat Atherosclerosis

  • Helps with high cholesterol

Hibiscus Flower

Hibiscus tea has been known to prevent hypertension, lower blood pressure, reduce blood sugar levels, keep your liver healthy, help with menstrual cramps, help with depression, aid digestion and help with weight management. Its rich in Vitamin C, contains minerals such as flavonoids and has laxative properties.

  • ​Packed With Antioxidants

  • Help Lower Blood Pressure

  • Help Lower Blood Fat Levels

  • Boost Liver Health

  • Promote Weight Loss

  • Contains Compounds That May Help Prevent Cancer

  • Help Fight Bacteria

  • Flavorful and Easy to Make​

Holy Basil / Tulsi

Holy basil has been shown to have antidepressant and antianxiety properties similar to antidepressant drugs. Studies have shown that it can help people feel more social and less anxious. Holy basil is also high in anti-oxidants and helps your body detox. Holy basil can protect your body against toxic chemicals. It may also prevent cancer by reducing the growth of cancerous cells.

  • Stress and Anxiety

  • Inflammation

  • Cognitive Function

  • Heart Health

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Diabetes and Blood Sugar Imbalance

  • Liver Health

  • Stomach Ulcers

  • Antioxidant

  • Pain

  • Immune Function

  • Anti-Cancer

  • Bone Healing

  • Candida Overgrowth

  • Testosterone

  • Asthma, bronchitis, colds, congestion, coughs, flu, sinusitis, sore throat and similar ailments.


Hops is a plant. The dried, flowering part of the plant is used to make medicine. Hops is used for anxiety, inability to sleep (insomnia) and other sleep disorders, restlessness, tension, excitability, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), nervousness, and irritability. Hops also contains Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin C

  • ​Keeps Skin Young and treats skin inflammation

  • Treats Leprosy

  • Reduces Hair Fall And Dandruff

  • Eases Nervousness and Relieves Anxiety

  • Relaxes And Soothes Muscles

  • Treats Different Ulcers

  • Improves Digestive System

  • Analgesic

  • Treats Menstrual Cramp

  • Improves Sexual Performance

  • Alleviates Cough And Congestion

  • Treats Headache


The impressive benefits of horsetail include its ability to boost immunity, reduce inflammation, increase cognitive function, and relieve respiratory issues. It also helps soothe the skin, protect bones, and promote oral health. It aids in detoxifying the body, managing diabetes, and promoting hair care.

  • ​Health Benefits of Horsetail

  • Boosts Immunity

  • Inflammation Relief

  • Strengthens Bones

  • Increases Cognition

  • Respiratory Issues

  • Helps Reverse Diabetes

  • Kidney Health

  • Skin Care

  • Hair Care


Irish Sea Moss

Irish Moss or chondrus crispus exceptionally rich in nutrients and antioxidants. The healthful properties of Irish moss include Vitamins A, E, F and K, calcium, potassium and sulfur. It is also a naturally occurring source of iodine. It is is especially important for supporting healthy thyroid functioning. Rich in potassium chloride, Irish moss can work wonders for congestion and mucous and holds anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. It is also thought to be good for dry skin and for skin conditions ranging from eczema to psoriasis.

The human body is made up of 102 minerals and Irish Moss contains a whopping 92 of them. It also provides a wealth of other important nutrients including; protein, beta-carotene, B vitamins, pectin, vitamin C and sulphur.



Jasmine is rich in antioxidants that interact with gastrointestinal enzymes to facilitate better nutrient absorption and promote healthy bowel function. It also functions to promote the growth of good bacteria in the gut and has been found to eliminate harmful bacteria.

Jasmine Flower

  • Aids in ​Weight Loss

  • Will help Guard Your Stomach

  • Helps to prevent Diabetes

  • Anti Caner properties

  • Helps easy pain for menstrual cycle

  • Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

  • Also Good for skin

  • Promote Hair Growth

  • Ideal for Insomniacs

  • Anti-Anxiety

  • Reduce Depression

Juniper Berry

Juniper Berries contain bitter compounds that stimulate bile flow and the production of digestive enzymes. This allows the body to breakdown foods more easily and enhances nutrient absorption. Due to their astringent properties they are particularly effective at relieving heartburn and other digestive upsets.

  • ​Helps with Oxidative Stress

  • High in nutrients and powerful plant compounds

  • Skin Care

  • Digestion

  • Sleep Problems

  • Assists with Heart Health



Sea kelp is a natural source of vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D and E, as well as minerals including zinc, iodine, magnesium, iron, potassium, copper and calcium. In fact it contains the highest natural concentration of calcium of any food - 10 times more than milk.

  • ​Fights Iodine Deficiency

  • Decreases Sugar Levels

  • Treats Hepatitis C

  • Reduces Inflammation

  • Decreases Weight

  • Treats Herpes

  • Bone Growth and Strength



Lavender is a flowering plant in the mint family that’s easily identified by its sweet floral scent. In ancient times, lavender was used as a holy herb. Additionally, it was often used to freshen up and give a light scent to a variety of personal items, such as clothes and hair.

  • ​May Help Improve Sleep

  • Could Help Treat Skin Blemishes

  • May Offer a Natural Remedy for Pain

  • Reduce Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

  • Could Relieve Asthma Symptoms

  • Lessens Menopausal Hot Flashes

  • Help Combat Fungus Growth

  • Potentially Promotes Hair Growth

Lemon Peel

Lemon peel contain high amounts of Vitamin C and calcium and thus helps in improving and maintaining bone health. It also helps in preventing bone related diseases like inflammatory polyarthritis, osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

  • ​Acne

  • Blemishes

  • Cellulite

  • Cold

  • Constipation

  • Dental Abscesses

  • Depression

  • Diabetes

  • Ear Infection

  • Flu

  • Fungal Nails

  • Gingivitis

  • Heart Disease

  • High Blood Pressure

  • High Cholesterol

  • Indigestion

  • Obesity

  • Osteoporosis

  • Parkinson’s Disease

  • Poor Blood Circulation


Linden tea comes from the Tilia tree and has been used in folk medicine for hundreds of years. Linden has been used to induce sweating for feverish colds and infections, to reduce nasal congestion, and relieve throat irritation and cough. Linden has sedative effects and has been used to treat nervous palpitations and high blood pressure. It has also been added as an ingredient in lotions to relieve itchy skin.

  • ​Can promote relaxation

  • Can help fight inflammation

  • Can help fight inflammation

  • Has diuretic effects

  • Linked to lower blood pressure

  • May help you sleep

  • Soothes your digestive tract

  • Easy to add to your diet


lungwort has been used to treat breathing conditions, stomach and intestinal ailments, and kidney and urinary tract problems. Lungwort is also used in cough medicines, to relieve fluid retention, and to treat lung diseases such as tuberculosis.

  • ​Lots of Powerful Antioxidants

  • Powerful Anti-inflammatory

  • Helps with Lung Challenges

  • Great for Sore Throats

  • Helps with Digestive Issues

  • Great for the Skin

  • Good Diuretic


Marshmallow Root

Marshmallow root has long been used as a food, particularly during times of famine when it is more abundant than other vegetables. Medicinally, it has been approved by the German Commission E in supporting inflammation of the gastric mucosa, and for irritation of the oral and pharyngeal mucosa. When combined with other herbs, it is additionally used for mild respiratory symptoms, including cough. The root is traditionally used to support a healthy digestive system. It is unique in that when making a tea with Marshmallow Root, you will want to brew it with cold water to preserve the mucilaginous properties.

  • ​Help treat coughs and colds

  • Help relieve skin irritation

  • Help with wound healing

  • Promote overall skin health

  • Act as a pain reliever

  • Work as a diuretic

  • Aid in digestion

  • Help repair gut lining

  • Support heart health

Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle is unique in its ability to protect the liver and has no equivalent in the pharmaceutical drug world. Milk thistle was approved in 1986 as a treatment for liver disease and it is widely used to treat alcoholic hepatitis, alcoholic fatty liver, cirrhosis, liver poisoning and viral hepatitis. It has also been shown to protect the liver against medications such as acetaminophen, a non-aspirin pain reliever.

  • ​Supports liver health

  • Promotes skin health

  • Reduces cholesterol

  • Supports weight loss

  • Reduces insulin resistance

  • Improves allergic asthma symptoms

  • Limits the spread of cancer

  • Supports bone health

  • Improves cognition

  • Boosts the immune system


The Motherwort herb is especially aligned with the healing of women – hence the name! However, that’s not to say it cannot be an extremely beneficial herb for men too. Its Latin name “Leonurus Cardiaca” means “Lion’s Heart”, with cardiaca referencing the heart – the organ this plant has a strong affinity with.

It has been used to soothe anxiety in pregnant women, and for what we now know as post -natal depression. It was introduced to North America by the colonists, where it was used by the Cherokee Indians as a sedative for nervous afflictions, whilst the 19th century Eclectics recommended Motherwort as an emmenagogue (to promote menstruation), and an aid in the expulsion of afterbirth.

  • ​Inflammation

  • Anxiety

  • Heart Health

  • Menstruation

  • Childbirth

Mullein Leaf

Mullein leaf is nutrient dense. When prepared as a nourishing herbal infusion, you can drink it frequently, not only to support lung health, but also to benefit from its high levels of calcium and magnesium. Mullein is wonderful for coughs and lung inflammation from all kinds of irritants and pathologies, whether it is particulate matter in the air or symptoms from asthma or an upper respiratory infection. Once you experience mullein’s ability to soothe the respiratory system, you’ll be amazed at the power of this ubiquitous plant.

  • ​Respiratory Ailments

  • Relief From Sleeping Problems

  • Relief From Tuberculosis

  • Improving Digestive Issues

  • Soothes Skin Conditions

  • Relief From Joint Pain, Muscle Spasm

  • Treating Asthma

  • Treating Ear Related Infections

  • Treating Thyroid Gland Problems

  • Headache Relief


Nettle Leaf

Contains a wide variety of nutrients like Vitamins: Vitamins A, C and K, as well as several B vitamins, Minerals: Calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and sodium, Fats: Linoleic acid, linolenic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid and oleic acid, Amino acids: All of the essential amino acids, Polyphenols: Kaempferol, quercetin, caffeic acid, coumarins and other flavonoids, Pigments: Beta-carotene, lutein, luteoxanthin and other carotenoids.


Oat Straw

Great source of calcium which helps build strong, flexible bones along with nourishing hair, cartilage and teeth. Oatstraw also helps improve circulatory and nervous system functioning.

Oolong Imperial

  • Boosts your metabolism, causing weight loss.

  • Lowers cholesterol.

  • Increases mental alertness.

  • Aids digestion.

  • Promotes healthy hair.

  • Betters your skin condition.

  • Stabilizes blood sugar.

  • Prevents tooth decay.

Orange Peel

  • Good for a Healthy Heart.

  • They have Anti-cancer Characteristics.

  • Offers Anti-allergic and Anti-Inflammatory Benefits.

  • They Support Natural Weight Loss.

  • Clear the Way for Kidney Stones


Passion Flower

Tea is good for sleep problems (insomnia), anxiety, adjustment disorder, attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), pain, fibromyalgia, relieving opioid withdrawal symptoms, reducing anxiety and nervousness before surgery, and heart failure

Pau d'arco

Anti-cancer and antimicrobial, especially anti-candida. Other uses for pau d'acrco include diabetes, ulcers, stomach inflammation (gastritis), liver ailments, asthma, bronchitis, joint pain, hernias, boils and wounds.


  • Ease Digestive Upsets such as gas, bloating and indigestion.

  • Help Relieve Tension Headaches and Migraines.

  • Freshen Your Breath.

  • Relieve Clogged Sinuses.

  • Improve Energy.

  • Help Relieve Menstrual Cramps.

  • Fight Bacterial Infections.

  • Improve Your Sleep.


  • Loaded With Nutrients.

  • Contains Disease-Fighting Antioxidants.

  • Enzymes Can Ease Digestion.

  • Help Reduce the Risk of Cancer.

  • Boost Immunity and Suppress Inflammation.

  • Ease Symptoms of Arthritis.

  • Speed Recovery After Surgery or Strenuous Exercise

Pink Rose Petal

Helps In Removing Toxins: help prevent urinary tract infections due to its detox and diuretic properties. Boosts Immunity: To lose weight in a healthy way, it's essential for you to be free of illnesses first and rose in tea may help you fight infections, due to the presence of vitamin C in it


Red Clover Blossoms

Used for cancer prevention, indigestion, high cholesterol, whooping cough, cough, asthma, bronchitis, and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Some women use red clover for symptoms of menopause such as hot flashes; for breast pain or tenderness (mastalgia); and for premenstrual syndrome (PMS)

Red Raspberry Leaf

Good Source of Nutrients and Antioxidants, rich in vitamins and minerals. They provide B vitamins, vitamin C and a number of minerals, including potassium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorus and iron. However, their most notable contribution might be their antioxidant properties

Rose Hips

Rich source of Vitamin C, with about 1700-2000 mg per 100 g in dried product; remedy for rheumatoid arthritis; reduces symptoms of knee and hip osteoarthritis; helps the immune system to fight off foreign invaders and out of control cells; facilitates fat metabolism



Used for treating psoriasis and other skin diseases, rheumatoid arthritis (RA), and kidney disease; for increasing urination to reduce fluid retention; and for increasing sweating. Sarsaparilla is also used along with conventional drugs for treating leprosy and for syphilis

Saw Palmetto

Help increase testosterone levels, improve prostate health, reduce inflammation, prevent hair loss, and enhance urinary tract function.


Used for trouble sleeping (insomnia), anxiety, stroke, and paralysis caused by stroke. It is also used for fever, high cholesterol, “hardening of the arteries” (atherosclerosis), rabies, epilepsy, nervous tension, allergies, skin infections, inflammation, and spasms.

Senna Leaf

Senna is an FDA-approved nonprescription laxative. It is used to treat and also to clear the bowel before diagnostic tests such as colonoscopy. Senna is also used for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), hemorrhoids, and weight loss

Star Anise

Used for treating cough and flu. Anise also helps improve digestion, alleviate cramps and reduce nausea. Consuming star anise tea after meals helps treat digestive ailments such as bloating, gas, indigestion and constipation.

St. John's Wort

Most commonly used for "the blues" or depression and symptoms that sometimes go along with mood such as nervousness, tiredness, poor appetite, and trouble sleeping. There is some strong scientific evidence that it is effective for mild to moderate depression.



Used for various digestion problems such as loss of appetite, upset stomach, gall bladder disease, and intestinal spasms. Wormwood is also used to treat fever, liver disease, depression, muscle pain, memory loss and worm infections; to increase sexual desire; as a tonic; and to stimulate sweating.


Yarrow Leaf

Used for fever, common cold, hay fever, absence of menstruation, dysentery, diarrhea, loss of appetite, gastrointestinal (GI) tract discomfort, and to induce sweating. Some people chew the fresh leaves to relieve toothache.

Yellow Dock

Used for pain and swelling (inflammation) of nasal passages and the respiratory tract, and as a laxative and tonic. It is also used to treat bacterial infections and sexually transmitted diseases. Yellow dock is also sometimes used to treat intestinal infections, fungal infections, and for arthritis.

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