Royal 50/50

Call this an accidental find! I feel like I found the fountain of youth. Originally I was in the search for more cornflower was my normal distributor. At the time I had no idea what I was in store for.

In our search to build our company and our inventory, I said oh what the heck, I'll order it and figure it out later. Well to our surprise, this little wonder became the talk of the test kitchen as we started to research more of this odd flower called "Butterfly Pea"

Well, after doing some more research, I decided to make this blend and so far it has not proved me wrong with the benefits. I've been drinking this tea for the past week, and i'm starting to notice my skin has been glowing, my metabolism is kicked up a notch, and my sex drive has definitely increased. The only down side is that its Summer, I find it harder to drink, hot tea when its 95 degrees outside. Welp, I took my same Royaltea, and not only made it cold, but I added it to half lemonade. So think of an Arnold Palmer but with Royaltea.

Directions are simple:

1/2 prepared Royaltea/ cold

1/2 Lemonade

Serve over ice. Enjoy!


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