Incense Sticks Unscented Dip Your Own

Incense Sticks Unscented Dip Your Own


Qty: 20  -  Unscented


How to make your own incense  

  1.  Unscented Incense 1 bundle (approx. 100 sticks)
  2.  2 1/2 - 3 ounces ounces of fragrance mixture* (Fragrance Oil and Di-Propylene Glycol - DPG) - Dilute 3-1 or 4-1 (3-4 parts DPG to 1 part FO)


You can also soak your incense sticks while still bundled in a tall glass, vase, or cylinder.  After soaking, pour the leftover oil mixture back into a glass or HDPE Plastic Oil Bottles, such as our Plastic Oil Bottles, for storage.  You can use this again to make more incense, so it doesn't go to waste.

Lay the cones or sticks out on a window screen or drying rack with several layers of paper towels underneath to soak up any oil drippings.  Or if your sticks are still bundled, you can hang them to dry on a hook with some paper towels underneath.  Be sure to put incense where they will get plenty of air flow to help them dry. If incense is still wet or damp, it may smoke initially upon lighting but will smoke normally once the cherry is blown out. Wet incense will only take an hour or two to dry to become moist to the touch. (FACT: We have found that in our stores, we get the best response from moist incense. Customers appreciate the freshness!). Do not bake incense in an oven or microwave to dry! Fragrance oils are very strong and can melt or eat through many types of plastic so be sure to have the right Incense Bags


Properly made, fully dried incense will burn for approximately 1 hour.


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