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Specialized blend of 100% all natural herbs and no additives used for Yoni steaming.

Original Sacred Yoni blend includes herbs to assist with cleansing, blood building, hydration and disinfecting.


This package contains enough herbal mix for a months supply. 




Original Sacred Yoni

    • Boil 6 cups of distilled or Spring water.
    • Remove the waterfrom heat, add 2 Tablespoons of Sacred Yoni Mix and cover.
    • Let the herbssteep for about 10 minutes. If the water has gotten cold, heat it back up, then transferthe pot to your Steaming Station.
    • Disrobe from the wait down and wrap a large blanket ortowel around your waist to contain the steam.
    • It is important to wear warm socks orslippers. Keeping yourfeet warm isrequired.
    • Steam your Yoni/Vagina for 15-20 minutes.
    • Relax, the steam should feel pleasant. Use thistime as part of yourself care ritual.