Scented Incense

Scented Incense


Please Note:


All of our incense are hand dipped by our Certfied Aromatherapist. This means, we guarantee quality scents with each order. 

If for some reason you are not satisfied with your scent reach out to us and we will get you a free replacement scent for your next order. We understand it can be difficult to find the scent you like and as much as we are in the future, Smell-O-Vision isn't something we have our hands on at the office. 


So feel free to choose the scent you were wondering about. If you don't like that scent pick another. 


*Some orders may take longer to process due to the creation process of the incense. Some may take up to 2 weeks to cure.



HandDipped Incense :


Permenant In-House Blends

  • Bruja Herbalist Brew - Our Most Popular Blend! Spicy and herbal, full of beautiful mystical scents. a classic smell amongst the daring.
  • Dr. Teabag - Herbalist Special  - Hints of deep spices introduce you to a warm, resinous sandalwood-amber like blend inspired by Middle Eastern Oud Wood.


Seasonal Blends - Hurry While Supplies Last!

  • Hot Apple Pie - Our fresh from the oven, seasonal favorite - a slight hint of special kitchen spices along with light touches of cinnamon atop baked apple filling surrounded by a buttery, flakey crust.
  • Frankincense Gold - Frankincense with an alluring blend of Sandalwood and Vanilla


Customer Most Requested:

  •  Eucalyptus - We added just a touch of wood and moss to create a fragrance that is timeless yet different from the rest of the mix
  • Raspberry & Cream - Tart, sun-ripened raspberries creamy vanilla in a slightly woody musk base
  • Mango Mandarian - Clementine, Nectarine and Mango
  • Meditation Exotica - Deep eastern spices, patchoulis and sandalwood sweetened with frankincense and grounded with light notes of nag champa and dragons blood
  • Orgasm - melons, citrus fruits and berries tempered with brisk citrus notes and hints of kola nut.
  • Sassy Attitude - mix of white florals, peaches, apricots, delicate, light powdery musks
  • Solstice of Summer - Plumeria, Lily, Coconut, Jasmine, Lavender, with a hint of Vanilla & Musk
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To Our Valued Customers and Community

We are working tirelessly to keep up with the extreme influx of orders we have received over the last few weeks during these challenging and unpredictable times. We ask for patience as we get our needed products out to you. Please allow allow up to an additional 7-10 days for delivery. Thank you for your understanding

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