Scented Incense


HandDipped Incense :


  • Acai & Mangosteen - A fruity, sweet, blueberry-like fragrance with a very slight nutty, some say even cocoa, or chocolatey hint, blended with the sweet and citrus peach-like mangosteen fruit
  • Cherry Orange - a tart cherry scent with a twist
  • Cupcake Blue Chiffon (Similiar to Bath & Body Works) - Scrumptious, yet delicate! The ever popular white vanilla cake with sweet, plump blueberries, lightly carameled vanilla and delicate sugar, all drying down to a femininity of musky vanilla. A light and fun fragrance for summer. 
  • Frankincense & Myrrh - Used throughout the ages to enhance spirituality, mental perception, meditation, prayer and consciousness, frankincense & myrrh soothes the spirit and calms the soul
  • Fruit Loops - Just like the classic cereal, fruity notes of orange, lemon and cherry, in a sugary bread base.
  • Juicy Fruit - If the chewing gum were a fragrance, this would be it
  • Lick Me All Over - Exotic and seductive scent. Rich with notes of fruit and tropical paradise
  • Mango Mandarin (Similiar to Bath & Body Works) - Top notes of Clementine, Nectarine and Petitgrain with a undertone of cotton candy
  • Meditation Exotica - Deep eastern spices, patchoulis and sandalwood sweetened with frankincense and grounded with light notes of nag champa and dragons blood
  • Money - Cool. Crisp
  • Nag Champa - This fragrance is rich with resinous tones of bold earthy notes, this fragrance is a perfect blend of natural oils and human creativity
  • Orgasm - A unique blend of melons, citrus fruits and berries tempered with brisk citrus notes and hints of kola nut
  • Pussy - Heady, spicy, musky and bold.
  • Solstice Of Summer - Top notes of Plumeria, Paper Whites, Lily, Aquatic with an undertone of Musk Vanilla
  • Witches Brew - Spicy and herbal, a cult classic among the daring.



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